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I'm pretty satisfied with a high score of 65.8

Watch Weekly Game Jam 79 from Tiger_J on

Hey thank you so much for taking your time to stream my game! It's always exciting seeing someone else play a game you made. In reference to your video, there was music, but its nearly dead quite in the game :( my headphones were messed up when messing with the levels. Im glad you enjoyed your time with it! 


This is good. Great scope for a gamejam. It's well executed and the theme fits in more than one way. If I had to add something it would be special bones that boost your speed (maybe ones for horizontal and ones for vertical speed)


That's awesome! I LOVE that you can play it on mobile! I rated it 5 stars!

Thanks man! The mobile play is a little janky but it works. Happy you enjoyed it! 


Very good, simple pixel art game. i love it :D

Thank you for taking your time to play it! 


Good basic pixel game. Its very Simple and intriguing game. Though nearly impossible to win after 50 but I guess thats how this game is supposed to be played.


nice game! 


Good, but make some limit, cause after 50 it's impossible to play

Thank you for the suggestion! Ill try tweaking the difficulty a bit.