• A/Left Arrow Key - Turn Left
  • D/Right Arrow Key - Turn Right
  • W/Up Arrow Key - Increase speed
  • Space - End Game/Create Star System
  • Mouse - Menu Navigation

You are inside the singularity,

of a yet to be born universe.

at the beginning you are impossibly small. Collect mass and avoid entropy until you feel like you have hit your peak mass. Then by pressing space bar the stretch of the singularity will begin. Then enjoy as your star system comes to life!

Made for AGDG's 2nd weekend jam!

Programming/Art/Sound: Suburb_Boone

Music: BenSound ( www.bensound.com)

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Published 228 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Tagsartgame, avoid, fractal, Sci-fi, Score Attack, Space


APeculiarFormation V1.1(No Mouse and Fixed).zip 5 MB
APeculiarFormation V1.0.zip 5 MB


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Great submission


I really enjoyed it, good job.